15 Dec Summary of 2018 and the top 10 images of the year

Source: Olafs Photoblog


2017 was the year of visual risk-taking when my photography was in intentional but controlled turmoil. It led me to deep discoveries and many new and exciting visuals, something I called “unquiet presence.” Early 2018 appeared to be going in a similar direction but from the outset I knew that this was not happening. My seeing had shifted and I embarked on something new but sequential. It has become another step in this lifetime of visual self-discovery. I have spent 2018 in search of meaning. I dived deeper into my seeing to find more and say more with my photography. No, I haven’t succeeded, nor think I ever will, but any image, moment, experience or encounter that brings me closer to this indefinite terminus is well worth the lifetime effort.


No, I don’t do photography for myself. That would be very selfish. I breathe, observe, share and communicate with my imagery. I take responsibility for it and I respect you, my friends in seeing. You see, the final act of image creation doesn’t belong to the author. The image must take on a life of its own. It enlightens, saddens, makes someone smile, think, react. The viewer applies their own feelings and visual sensibility, the image becomes a conversation, a new experience. It becomes the bridge where you and I meet, interacting and exchanging our human experience.

I am privileged to do it with you so many times over the course of this year….

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