10 Oct Studio Test shoot for the Lupo Superpanel 30 full colour

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Every now and then a new product comes onto the market that changes the way I shoot or light. The Superpanel 30 is one such light. It is like a regular Superpanel ‘Soft” but has an array of RGB LEDs instead of the usual mono colour or dual colour. An RGB Superpanel 30 can be used in normal correlated colour temperature mode with a handy tint shift facility to match the other light sources or in hue, saturation and luminance mode. More details are here.

I don’t normally blog test shoots but I really like the preliminary look of these lights and I thought Alice was great too. There is another post here that features Alice on the streets of Bristol.

Model: Alice
Location: The Lovegrove Studio
Lighting: 3 Lupo Superpanel 30 RGB LED lights.
Shoot: A test shoot to try out the lights and a first shoot with Alice

01. I decided to use three colours to get me going and I chose a ‘midnight blue’, ‘diva purple’ and ‘goddess gold’. I have programmed these values into my lights so I can instantly recall them.


02. I popped a bit of smoke in to see how it picked up the light.


03. Traditionally I’d have shot these using the Lovegrove Studio Gels and flash heads but this is a much neater way of working.



04. I could tell straight away that I was going to get on well with Alice. We had a good laugh

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