23 Jan Stroke Survival

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Where do I start !

This is going to be a long post ! With no photos.

I have been wanting to write about this for ages but because it’s been a complex time and I have had some strange medical issues all my life I really have never known where to start. I have lived with IBS ( Irritable Bowl Syndrome) with mild Anxiety all my life. Also due to car Accedent’s and motorcycle Accedent’s mixed with powerlifting, my back has also been a mess. I guess I will cover all these issues over time in this blog but also explain how photography has helped with all the issues.

So in this blog post I will cover the Stroke and what lead up to it, and how the recovery is going.

This all started after a simple medical procedure to put a camera down in to my stomach to check to see if it was safe to remove my gallbladder. I have had this procedure before and it’s uncomfortable but not to much of an issue. This time it really was uncomfortable and on top of that once out in the waiting area I was informed biopsies had been taken as it looked like I had cancerous tissues in my oesophagus. In all honesty the procedure did not cause the stroke it caused my blood pressure to raise and highlighted another issue ! It took about five days for the biopsy’s to come back

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