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Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

In the past we have reviewed books, magazines and gear, but today I come to you with our first-ever full review of a film. And not just any film. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to get a first look at the new “Fill The Frame” street photography documentary produced and directed by Tim Huynh! 

If you are a longtime reader of ours, you might remember a post from 2019 titled “Pledge your support and help support this upcoming street photography documentary “Fill The Frame” by Tim Huynh!”. Back then, we were impressed by Tim’s initiative to produce a new street photography documentary and we had asked you to help with the film’s Kickstarter campaign. Well, luckily for Tim and mostly for us, the worldwide street photography community, the goal was met and the film was made! 

I think this movie rolled out at the perfect time because most of us street photographers have been going through a very rough time during the Covid self-containment and even though we have shared with you a few good ideas to help pass the time while in lockdown, nothing could be more refreshing than a good film about street photography.

What is the “Fill The Frame” street photography documentary about?

If you read the official synopsis of the film this is what it says:

“With the continuing rise of the digital age and popularity of social media, the genre of street photography has propelled like we’ve never seen before. Still there is more opportunity for street photography to be recognized and appreciated by the masses.”

So basically “Fill The Frame” is about how the world of street photography has changed or evolved with the onset of the digital age and social media. How

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