03 Oct Street Workshop Attendees

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I have two more Street Photography Workshops to go and then thats it, my 5 years of teaching Street is all over. I will still be doing some talks and and walks in 2018 but my very last Street workshop is in Manchester on the 25th of November. Its been a fantastic 5 years I have learnt quite a lot myself but I feel it’s time to stop. I am 55 this month and need to get back to taking Photos for myself and enjoying my Photography so something needs to go ! Unfortunately the Street workshops are also on a weekend and I need my weekends back in 2018.

There has been a negative side to workshops over the last year and that is the few people coming just trying to get me to set up and image for them so they can then enter it in a competition ! I really don’t understand that mentality ! I know it happens quite a bit in Landscape, the workshop leader might just as well take the shot for them after they have set the shot up, but its all quite new in Street.

My workshop has now also been copied so much I see people even using my Eventbrite write up, so it makes it harder and harder to provide workshops when the people you have been teaching are setting up on their own doing workshops at the weekend to supplement their income.

There are also people with no clue

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