06 Sep Street Smart: Photographer Craig Whitehead hits the streets with the X100F

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Photographer Craig Whitehead has been using FUJIFILM X Series for his street photography for many years, most recently having purchased the X100F. In this interview he talks about his experience with the X Series and shares some of his images from the X-T1, X-Pro2 and X100F.

Please could you give us a little introduction about yourself and what Fujifilm kit you use?
Although I am a Street photographer, my background is actually in illustration as this is what I studied at University. I bought a camera during my first year at University for the simple purpose of documenting my life. I wasn’t particularly motivated with photography then. I would just shoot random things when I happened to have the camera with me.

Looking back, I can see that the things which influenced my illustration work are now very present in my photography. Nine years after finishing my degree, and roughly a year ago from today, I decided to start shooting every day. Street was what was available to me as I live and work in a city centre so that’s what I pursued. I decided to get rid of my DSLR and go all in with a mirrorless camera. Initially I picked up an X-Pro1 with an XF18mm and XF27mm and also purchased an X-E2 and XF35mm1.4. I then invested in the X-T1 before finally settling on the X-Pro2 with XF56mmF1.2 and X100F, which are what I currently use to shoot. …

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