13 Jul Street Photography

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

It has been a crazy summer so far, with the Official Fujifilm X Photographer announcement that happened at the end of June,  the new Fujifilm X-T2 that was just announced, the fact that it is travel season, wedding season, and of course the family is now off for the summer.  Add in the usual personal daily grind and I can’t believe it is July 13th already.

I am in the middle of several photography projects that will be featured on the site over the next few months, so for now I’d just like to post some street photos from the last month or two.  Street photography is one of those genres that you can always find time to shoot (and if you are a street shooter you should always be making the effort), and it has been great to turn off “the real world” for an hour or two here and there and just shoot for the sake of shooting.

I  hope you enjoy these images, and that you are having a great summer so far.  I look forward to posting a new travel series soon, as well as more work with the soon to be released X-T2.




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