15 Dec Street Photography with Fujifilm’s XF56mm f/1.2R

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I love street photography, and I love wide lenses. The last time I shot with something longer 35mm was back in 2008. I was just starting to learn the basics of photography with my dad’s Nikon D200 and 18–55mm zoom. I shot a few frames at 55mm, and that was it. Never again did I venture past 35mm. Until now.

Fujifilm’s XF56mm is an 85mm full frame equivalent lens. The focal length combined with a maximum aperture of f/1.2 makes it a prime choice for portrait photography. I don’t shoot portraits. Photography is strictly a hobby for me, and I only enjoy street and travel photography.

So, why did I go out and buy a thousand dollar portrait lens?
Two reasons:
Street photography with a fast portrait lens seems like a fun challenge.
The lens was on sale, and I hit the buy button without realizing it.

UPS dropped off the lens a few days ago, and I immediately rushed to the nearest photography store to buy a 62mm filter. After that, I headed over to the Las Vegas Strip to do some shooting.

Shooting at 85mm was completely disorienting. As a 28mm and 35mm lover, I’m used to getting into people’s personal space. Telephoto shooting is a completely a different experience. I suddenly became an observer of the scene instead of a participant.

In case you’re wondering, yes I did shoot everything wide open at f/1.2.
Wouldn’t you?

Autofocus speed and accuracy was very

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