29 Mar Street Photography Silhouettes

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

I love candid photography.  It is the way I photograph weddings, the way I photograph events and of course, the way I shoot most of my street photography.  The never ending variety of images intrigues and excites me because I am only limited by my vision and by my creativity.  Backlit silhouettes are one of my favourite types of candid street photographs to make.  I just love them.  Silhouettes are defined as:

I have to admit that I get excited when I see a scene with beautiful backlighting, it screams out to me to stop and make a silhouette image.  The great thing if you are newer to photography is that these are technically very simple images to make, once you understand the exposure and the timing.  And, they look great!

Point number one is the hardest part of the whole process:  You have to learn to see the light.  Maybe your backlighting is coming through windows or doors.  Maybe it is the light shining between two buildings.  Maybe it is from a light at the end of a hallway.  Maybe it is bright sunlight as you emerge from a subway station.  Images like this always start with seeing the light. Consider your composition:   You may have strong backlighting, but do you have a composition that can utilize it effectively? Consider your subject:  You now have great light and a strong composition, but are you in a location where you have appropriate subjects to frame against the light? If you are happy with…

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