08 Jul Street Photography – Human and Geometry

Apart from known Street photography, photography which I name as human & geometry is also a branch of architectural photography since it also includes lots of architectural subjects. Across the globe defined “Minimalist Street Photography” disciplines you too much as you merge two different techniques. Well, what is Human and Geometry photography in Street photography?

Indeed it is related with the classical street phototography in which we also intentially add architectural forms, perspective control, symetrical frame, graphical view and geometrical shapes. We certainly (some exceptions can be) use vertical and horizontal shapes to be parallel to the sensor (or film) which is the golden rule of the architectural photography. Since it is hard to do it with the standard lens we have, we have to master on the beheviour of our lens inconsideration with the subject. In addtion to this, graphical objects, lines, light-shadow, movement and center of interest which will support the composition. In Street, absuletly model or models which will penetrate into the frame  will have to be in their natural behaviour without any manuplation.

Behaviour in Street

You have to know the soul of the Street, since you can not interfere with the model, usually you have to wait stucked in somewhere and be patient. After seeing the composition, you have to wait till the final composition in your mind because of the passive editing. To do this, first you have to check the light, find the best point of view then view height and after

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