03 Jul Street Photo Diary Issue 39: 1 Day of Summer

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Summer finally arrived in Ireland last week. It only lasted for a day or two, but we enjoyed it while it lasted! It’s actually been really cold so far through most of June, but we did have a few hot days, and so I headed out to see how people were enjoying the sunshine.

It occurred to me while shooting that there was something enjoyable about capturing a day int he life of a city. I don’t for a second think I did justice to this, but in a way, thats what I was trying to do. Between people going about their work, to tourists enjoying the sights and sounds of Dublin, it is always interesting to take on the role of observer and thats what I like about street photography.

I was also shooting an episode of the companion video series on this outing too. I shot these using a Sony a6000 and I wanted to keep the processing to a minimum. I shot RAW and only did a minimal amount of tweaks to the photos in Lightroom.

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