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This is my first try to review a published photo book, and I must say it’s not just any photo book but a very wild and daring one. I am pretty excited about it although it seems to me like a serious and difficult task but also a fun and challenging one. In my opinion, a book reviewer should have an open mind, a good sense of observation, be detail-oriented plus to possess a dash of humour, and to think out of the box. I shall focus, obviously, on the book insight, determining the quality of the photos in here and its contents, but examining also things like the design and the quality of the print. 

Review Of “Gratuity Included” by Chris Suspect

“Gratuity Included” is the first of four books to be published in 2020 by Chris Suspect and the second one called “Leather Boyz” was launched on the 18th of May. “Gratuity Included” has 41 black and white images that take the reader through a wild night bordering on a fever dream fueled by sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, and the surreal. The photographs featured in the volume were shot between 2012 and 2019 in locations all over the world, including Germany, Mexico, Columbia, Italy, and many more. 

Chris Suspect was born in the Philippines in 1968 and he is a street and documentary photographer hailing from the Washington, DC area. Chris specializes in capturing absurd and profound moments in the quotidian. His street photography work has been recognized internationally and has been exhibited in Miami, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. His documentary work on the underground music scene in Washington, D.C., was published as a book, Suspect Device, by Empty Stretch in 2014 and was

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