17 Apr Stormy Piha.

The area of Piha is just an hour from central Auckland and has retained much of its natural beauty and isolation. As well as two surf beaches there are also a sheltered lagoon and several streams. The rugged coastline and forested Waitakere Ranges offer a number of walks, or tramps, ranging from easy to very difficult. Piha is a well known black sand beach and, due to the high iron content, which is of volcanic origin.

I love the rain. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to see to much of it these days, or the sound it makes lashing against roofs and windows? There is always an urge to stop, relax and keep warm when it rains… like a forced ‘time out’. So with my large umbrella, AIAIAI headphones (oh they are so good!), a solid feed of Sushi, and my trusty X100T I headed off for a day of exploring to Piha Beach.

I walked up and down the beach in the battering rain and wind, breathed the fresh salty air and rejoiced at the feeling of isolation this area brings. I’ve been quite burned out of late, and just starting to feel my energy reserves return proper so the long walk was perfect. The number of surfers were high today, and I’m not surprised with the relentless strong winds. I often pondered about having a longer lens today with so much activity on the huge waves, but keeping things simple made the day much more fun. I can always…