19 Feb Still life

Source: Don Craig

Studio time with the Fujifilm GFX 50S


It all started with a bunch of flowers and a little spare time.

During a work break over the holidays, I found myself with a little extra time and a beautiful bunch of flowers. This proved to be the perfect impetus for spending time in the studio with my GFX 50S. After the initial flower shots, I made a number of still life “sketches” until I finished with something of a self-portrait still life.

I use my GFX 50S in the studio on a weekly basis, making portraits at work. The 50S is a great portrait camera. No doubt about it. But I wanted to spend time shooting with some new Godox lights and modifiers, sans people, making images out of nothing.

From the bouquet of fresh flowers, I moved on to dried flowers, a moon shell, a rescued toy plane and my old Fujica 35mm rangefinder, before assembling a number of items to build a more complete still life.

Using a piece of black cloth, hung behind the scene and draped over a small table (except for the final still life), I shot with one key light and either a second light or a reflector to open up the shadow side of the composition. In all cases, the key light was a Godox AD200 modified by a large octa softbox with a grid.

After discovering what a great feature the Colour Chrome effect is on the GFX 50S, I had it….

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