31 Jul Steep Learning Curve !

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Apples !

Lesson 1 Apples ! I am resisting all temptation to jump ahead to what I want to do and forcing myself to follow a few books. It’s not easy because you have to draw things you don’t really like. I don’t mind apples but the twigs and leaves in the drawing I had to copy were a full so that drove me nuts. However I did it and learnt a lot. I even did the warm up exercisers first in my sketch book !!

Warm up for Apples

If I was back at school I would have said stuff it by now and not bothered ! I had a moment like that just before I got set up for apples ! But to be honest that’s because I looked at tomorrow’s work as well as today’s and it all got a bit much !! Must remember only look at 1 piece of the Pie at a time !!

So that’s it I am getting back in to Art ! It’s quite amazing how interesting this is for impatient modern life ! When I used to teach photography everyone wanted to be a great photographer now ! When I told them it would take years they proceeded to try to convince people there shit photos were great !! Even worse they would start putting other peoples work down

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