21 Apr #StayHome with your Fuji – Submit your photos

Source: Fuji X Passion

Probably, at this very moment when you read these lines, you are stuck at home during the Coronavirus lockdown, looking out the window and imagining the pictures you could be taking right now.

Are you a landscape photographer, have you travelled halfway around the world to capture “that” photograph and, at this moment, the farther you go is from the bedroom to the living room?

Are you a street photographer, and find yourself trying to take candid photos of your wife/husband?

Are you a wildlife photographer, and last night were you chasing a spider on the kitchen ceiling?

Every morning you grab your camera and lenses, you prepare the camera bag, you watch two or three YouTube videos and then put everything back on the shelf?

Well, you’re not alone. We are all in the same situation. We, photographers, always need to have one or two ongoing projects, new images in the catalogue to edit, something that keeps us connected to this passion.

And thinking about it, WE HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU!

How to participate?
The challenge we have for you is to document your life and those around you during the lockdown. Grab your camera and shoot some photos around the house.

For example, some candid moments of your family, portraits, self-portraits. A landscape? Why not? Maybe you will enjoy the view from your window in a different way. Do you live in the city? Perfect, you can certainly capture some

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