28 Jul Started Sketching!!

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First Sketch in 45 Years

Thought I would share this ! It’s the first time I have put pencil to paper in approx 45 years !

It’s a long story but I was supposed to go to Art Collage but we moved house and I ended up at a different school ! I stopped drawing and painting and eventually Photography took over.

I tried to draw again a few times but nothing came out I just sat looking at a blank page and nothing. Many times I tried and failed.

I was in need of a hobby now I have retired and I noticed Sean Tucker had featured a local Artist on his Social media. I made a comment in the thread and the artist replied we then had a chat and she told me not to over think it but just draw something she basically said Just Do It !

So I did Jest do it and now I have some Sketch books and pencils !!! Thanks to Lee Glasgow, Sean Tucker and especially Tabitha Grove for giving me a much needed Hobby. Exciting times ahead.

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