18 May Springtime at 50 megapixels

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GFX 120mm F10 1/280 ISO400

By Ben Cherry

I first moved to the X Series four years ago because I was carrying too much equipment on trips and I wanted to switch to a smaller, lighter alternative. Now with X-T2s and the superb range of lenses available it is often difficult to decide what to take on assignments or trips, making sure it all fits in one backpack. But my kit is still smaller item for item than what it used to be before, its just a question of knowing exactly what you’ll need for each job (not always easy, particularly with nature photography).

Although the FUJIFILM GFX 50S is clearly bigger than the likes of the X-T2/X-Pro2 in body size and lens sizes; compared to much of its competition it is a medium format system which has been on a serious diet. Everyone who has used one keeps making the remark that “if you’ve used an X-T2, you can use a GFX straight away”. I was intrigued as to how well the new camera would work alongside my current set up while spending a few days on Skomer Island off the Pembrokeshire coast.

I loaned a GFX, GF32-64mm F4, GF63mm F2.8 and GF120mm F4 OIS from Hire A Camera and was briefly given a new GF23mm F4 to test out too. It was wonderful timing as spring flowers had just come out in bloom. Seeing bluebells lighting up the forest floor was wonderful. Here’s a great blog by Chris Upton on photographing bluebells – https://fujifilm-blog.com/2017/04/26/capturing-the-beauty-of-springs-bluebells/

GFX 23mm F4.5 1/340 ISO800

Image Quality

First and foremost this is why you buy this camera. The level of resolution and quality of glass for this system is something I’ve never worked with before and it was an utter pleasure to use. I knew the benefits of shooting with a medium format system and have had film medium format systems before, but the GFX which is so similar to the X-T2, apart from the fact that it feels even better in the hand, is marvelous! Once more, the lenses are designed to deal with 100mp sensors in the future, so as a result you can zoom in 200% on an image and see incredible detail.


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