12 May Sports Photography as a Spectator – Water Ski and Wakeboard

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Malibu 3 Round Trick - Hazelwood Ski World, Lincoln

By Jeff Carter

In a series of articles, X-Photographer Jeff Carter will be shooting at sports events in the UK and showing how to capture great images with the Fujifilm X Series without the need for a media pass.

Sports Photography as a Spectator – Water Ski & Wakeboard

I have had the pleasure of shooting many different sports in my career but a trick skiing event was a new one for me. As I am always up for a challenge, I traveled to Hazelwood Ski World in Lincoln with great anticipation.

Before traveling to Lincoln I did my homework, looking at other pictures available widely on the internet and I checked out the official British Water Ski & Wakeboard website for more information on the sport so I was as prepared as I could be when I arrived on site.

Competitors are known as riders and they perform a subjectively judged free-riding routine. The competitor is pulled behind a boat, a Malibu, which has the propeller under the boat and not on an outboard. The boat travels in a straight path on the lake in each direction. Riders are judged on the difficulty and proficiency of the moves executed, how big they are going, variety of moves performed, and on the creativity and fluidity of the routine.

At this event the level of skill was varied but all of the riders provided a great day of entertainment for the small crowd on the shore. The atmosphere was very friendly, with competitors and spectators alike interested to see if I had got some good shots of the action.

The competition takes place on a long lake with turns at each end. The start and finish of each run is marked by buoys on the water. At Hazelwood Ski World you are free to move around, with the far shore and each end open, so you have plenty of choice from where to shoot from. The difficulty is getting a head on shot and this is where a long lens, such as the XF100-400mm, is a good choice, especially if you have the 1.4x converter to increase the focal length even further. From the side you are much closer to the action and the XF50-140mm or XF55-200mm is a good lens to have, though I tended to stick with the short end of the XF100-400mm.

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