25 Mar Sports Photography as a Spectator: Rally

Source: Maclean Photographic

I hear it said a lot that motor sport is difficult to shoot without a media pass.  Well that is very true for circuit racing, especially at the big venues like Silverstone or Le Mans, but there is one form of motor sport that does afford great access for spectators and that is rallying.

To prove the point I went along to the opening round of the British Rally Championship the Border Counties Rally in Jedburgh, which was also Round 2 of the Scottish Rally Championship.  All the access during the event was on a spectator pass, I paid for the car park on the special stage and I shot from the designated areas.

The result was a great set of images that couldn’t really have been bettered if I had been wearing a media vest.  Yes the media photographers could visit all of the special stages, where as spectators were limited to a few, but the pros had to submit a plan of the areas they wanted to visit for approval by the event safety manager BEFORE the event and they couldn’t change their minds once they started shooting.

On the subject of safety, anyone visiting a rally must follow the safety rules and obey the marshals and officials.  CLICK HERE to visit the Motor Sport Association UK’s website with full details of the dos and donts when spectating at a rally event.

Anyway if you want to read the full story here is a link to the feature I wrote for the Fujifilm website – CLICK HERE .

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