07 Aug Sports Photography as a Spectator – Autograss

Source: Fujifilm X Blog

By Jeff Carter

In a series of articles X Photographer Jeff Carter will be shooting at sports events in the UK and showing how to capture great images with the Fujifilm X Series without the need for a media pass.

Sports Photography as a Spectator – Autograss

In the seventh instalment of the ‘Shooting Sport as a Spectator’ series I headed to Avonbridge in Stirlingshire to photograph some oval action at the Central Scotland Autograss Club ‘Jock Rankin Trophy’ event.


Autograss is literally grassroots motor sport and it is fast and furious. The 400 metre oval circuit uses a natural soil surface and the sport provides a lot of entertainment for both competitors and spectators for minimal cost. A competitor can buy a car and race it for a whole season for less money than a factory team would spend on one set of tyres at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Drivers can race from the age of 12 in Class 1 and as they move up the classes the cars get faster and more fun.

There are 11 National Autograss Sport Association (NASA) Classes, differing by type of set up and engine sizes. From near standard 1000cc Minis through to specifically designed spaceframed single seaters with monster V8 or twin motorbike power.

Classes 1 to 7 are the saloons, with Class 1 providing the perfect starter category with no special tuning or modifications allowed, while Class 7 is for the ultimate saloons where literally anything…

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