18 Aug Special Edition Rock ‘n Roll Strap Review

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There are so many good camera straps out there that it often becomes difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Leather straps are definitely among the most popular: they add a touch of elegance especially if your camera has a retro look.

This time we’re sharing our findings about the Rock ‘n Roll strap by Tie Her Up, a product designed by Greek film director and photographer Evris Papanikolas. The sample was kindly sent to us by AFshoot who sells the strap in the UK and worldwide.

The design is rather curious but I was surprised by how comfortable it is.

Design and ease of use

The Rock ‘n Roll strap design is inspired by the guitar straps that many musicians use for their instrument. It consists of individual pieces (double leather rings) that have been folded and attached to one another by hand. The time it takes to finish one strap is about an hour and there can be 55 or 75 pieces depending on the length of the strap (100cm or 125cm).

This particular assembling solution gives the strap a lot of flexibility: it is very easy to bend and twist. Even wrapping it around your wrist/arm feels quite comfortable, though the strap is a little too thick for this purpose. The fact that all the pieces have been so tightly woven together gives the strap some extra elasticity, which makes the strap more comfortable when carrying heavy gear.

I admit I fell in love with its design…

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