18 Oct Sony vs Fuji camera for Traveling

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APS-C Sony vs Fuji Camera for Traveling? I’m a light traveler, so definitely mirrorless camera is what I need this day. I’m not a pro photographer, I shot JPEG only, and photography is just my hobby. Occasionally I try to send my photos to be published in magazine or local newspaper.

I’m a Sony mirrorless user who recently moved to Fuji mirrorless. Why Fuji? I explain my reasons below. Before you read, this is my personal opinion, so maybe a lot of people have different opinion than me. And why APS-C mirrorless? Because full frame mirrorless like Sony A7 is a little bigger & heavier then my Fuji now (I bought Fuji X-E2S), & Sony FE lens is much bigger & expensive. But for professional photographer, I guess Sony full frame mirrorless probably the best light camera system for now. For APS-C Sony vs Fuji Camera for traveling, both camera are good. But If you must pick one of them, I hope my reasons below can help you pick which one is more suitable for you.

Fuji X-E2s . Fuji XF35mmF2 . f/8 . 1/142″ . ISO 400

First of all is the price! For beginner like me, maybe price is one of the most important thing

I get my Fuji X-E2S when X-Day launching of X-Pro2, X70 and X-E2S. So it’s really a bargain & no brainer I’ll get my Fuji X-E2S. For almost the same price as Sony A6000 kit 16-50mm with Sony 35mm f1.8,

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