20 Oct Sony and its frequent camera releases: is it positive or negative?

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The announcement of the new Sony a6500 has generated a mix of excitement and controversy about the company’s aggressive strategy. While some have praised the giant Japanese corporation for constantly evolving, others have become bitter about the frequent camera releases. Why? Because it is frustrating to think that what you just bought yesterday has been replaced by a more advanced version today, and will probably lose its value very quickly as a result.

Is Sony’s dynamic strategy a positive or negative thing for the market and its customers? Let’s try to answer this by analysing a few different topics.

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Two cameras instead of one

The a6300 announced in March 2016 was a relevant step forward in comparison to the a6000, released in February 2014 (a two-year gap). Sony added 4K video, more advanced functionalities, a new sensor, a faster autofocus system (the best in the E-mount line-up), better continuous shooting speeds and a more robust body with weatherproofing.

The a6300 and a6000

The a6500 comes 8 months after the a6300 and this short gap surprised us all. The new camera adds some features that many users were expecting on the

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