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I was lucky enough to walk around Stonehenge when you could sit on the stones. Unfortunately back then they were covered in graffiti and getting damaged. So it was inevitable that they would be protected some how.

Going back to Stonehenge probably 40 years later it’s was an eye opener and has given me time to think.

I grew up without Technology ! Our first TV was black and white and we hardly watched it. We spent our lives outdoors as kids with our friends and our holidays were all camping holidays and we loved it.

Eventually we rented a colour TV from DER and it was only turned on in the Evenings. My mum used to talk over every program and my dad would argue with the news reports ! It was never enjoyable in the early days.

As time went buy they learned not to watch the news and more films and comedy were the highlight of the weekends ! My mum still talked over every program and my dad stated watching sport more and more. In fact in his 80s he used to just sit in his chair and watch cricket and snooker all day. I always used to think “bloody hell I will end up doing that”

I have never been a fan of TV but do like a good film and the occasional series. However I did embrace technology as soon as I got my first computer I was

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