13 Jan So, this happened…

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…I am now the proud owner of an X-Pro3, the camera that nearly broke the Internet!

Those who follow me on social media may recall that I was fairly critical of some of the design choices made (though nowhere near the level of insanity that rocked the once peaceful Fuji community). I couldn’t wrap my head around that flip screen, and the removal of the D-pad also seemed like a step backwards in terms of customization. So what gives? Why did I end up selling my X-Pro1, X-T20 and a guitar to buy this (very) expensive quirky camera just a couple of months later?

Fuji X-Pro3 . 7Artisans 25mmF1.8 @25mm . f/1.0 . 1/3800″ . ISO 320

Fuji X-Pro3 . 7Artisans 25mmF1.8 @25mm . f/1.0 . 1/800″ . ISO 320

Fuji X-Pro3 . 7Artisans 25mmF1.8 @25mm . f/1.0 . 1/400″ . ISO 320

Well, the fact is the more I read about it and analyzed my own way of shooting, the more I felt it could be a great match for my needs. If you read my X100F tribute, you know that on that camera I prefer to keep the back screen off most of the times; when I do use it, I’ve always wished it would tilt so I could shoot from the hip in a more controlled manner (instead of hoping for the best). At the same time, for the past year or so I’ve been using mostly one single color

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