08 Jan So Quiet in Here

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (14mm, f/8, 1/140 sec, ISO200)

This blog post has nothing to do with the song of Van Morrison but it still fits perfectly or better literally.

Museum are not the busiest places in the world. Except of course if they have paintings of Da Vinci on display. But a quiet museum is one thing, an empty museum is still something different.

The small cafeteria was the busiest part, as soon as we entered the Japanese pavilion it was just the two of us. But while my wife focused on the exhibits I tried to capture the building. I walked ahead of her and enjoyed an empty building. It was amazing. It felt like it was closed for public and I had the privilege to take pictures.

My X Pro-2 is not a loud camera at all but it felt noisy in this environment. I could clearly hear the focus mechanism of the XF 14/2.8 R and the shutter sounded much louder that I remembered it. I changed to the electronic shutter even though there was nobody that could be disturbed – it just felt better to shoot with a noiseless camera.


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