07 Jan Small Town America | Flemming Bo Jensen | Photographer

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I was born in small town Denmark, and grew up on a farm near a small town called Sønderup in the Northern part of Jutland. The town had around 500 people and our school a whopping 7 grades and 65 kids. In total. This place was home for the first 21 years of my life. Whether it is this childhood attachment or something else I cannot say, but I am drawn to the small towns of the American south west.

There is naturally a world of difference between say LA and a small town in New Mexico just as there is a world of difference between my home town Sønderup and Copenhagen in Denmark. I still do not really understand big city life. I was born in a tiny town, I understand this kind of life and am always intrigued by how others live it around the world. With increasing urbanisation, this way of life is becoming rarer. In densely populated Denmark there is not much space left, but the US South West has plenty. There is space for old meets new, space for places where time stands still to exist right next to a Spaceport. I like to say there is space to be as mad, quirky and weird as you want to be. This I find very attractive

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