18 Dec Small Camera, Big Picture PT.6 | Fujifilm X-Pro2

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Close your eyes and remember that place where you felt absolutely at peace, happy..maybe even more elated than any other time in your life. Forget about how it looked, focus on how it made you feel. That place for me is the interior of British Columbia. I do love the coastal areas but something about being in the middle of BC’s majestic mountains just does it for me. It’s still got that “raw”..this is what you get quality that you can’t call the front desk and tweak to your every whim. It’s there, it’s been that way for a long time and won’t change to suit you. Fortunately for me…I like it like that.

My favourite time of year to visit is the Fall/Winter seasons.

I may have mentioned along the way in this BLOG, but I hate Summer. I, despite being of African descent really can’t tolerate heat very well. Give me crisp sweater weather anytime over walking on a beach somewhere. I’m not a biblical man, but if there is a God he got my recipe wrong.

We flew into Alberta and drove a handful of hours into Field, halfway between somewhere and somewhere else. Perfect for me. Our digs…the Cathedral Mountain Lodge, nestled in the Yoho Valley. A great jumping off point to get a good view of all those iconic places you see on instagram… The cabin was fantastic and super warm once the fireplace got going….

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