07 Jul Slowing down is fun

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Hello all. My name is Mustafa Bastaki and I’m a street and freelance photographer based in and from Bahrain, also an Engineer-to-be and a Fujifilm X-Photographer and Official Brand Ambassador. I started my journey into photography back in 2011 using just an iPhone 3GS, chasing and shooting sunsets almost every week. I’ve used several mediums and brands from Nikon to Sony, until settling down with Mirrorless systems in 2014, specifically with Fujifilm.

I first fell in love with Fujifilm after the release of X-Pro1, back in 2012, which is the main subject of this article. I’ve always had a thing for the X-Pro1, but couldn’t afford it for a first camera purchase.

My first Fujifilm camera was the X-T1, bought in 2014, and the last camera is the X-Pro3, which is my main workhorse camera.

I started street photography back in 2013, which my main genre in photography. Before trying it out, I always got anxious about holding my camera (which was a Nikon DSLR and a 50mm lens) and pointing it at random people, knowing they would notice me in the streets and react negatively. So, I finally tried it out and let go of my fear and have been enjoying it ever since.

Being inspired by the photography greats, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Fan Ho (Who’s my greatest influence and inspiration on street photography) and Robert Capa, I tried to go out and shoot very often and try to see the world around me the same way

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