01 Jun Sleeklens Presets Review

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

I was recently asked to do a product review for Sleeklens. If you’re not familiar with Sleeklens, they produce a range of photography books as well as tools for Photoshop and Lightroom. In this instance, I was asked to review their Lightroom presets for Landscape Photographers. Their presets are also described as “workflows” for reasons that will become apparent. In addition to various products they have a comprehensive set of tutorials on their website (https://sleeklens.com/lightroom-tutorials/) which is well worth a visit. For those of you who prefer social media have a look at their Pinterest posts (https://uk.pinterest.com/sleeklens/lightroom-presets/).

Ordinarily, this isn’t something I would do; after all I have my own range of Lightroom presets. Despite this, after looking at the excellent customer reviews on their website and interacting with their team, I became interested in trying their products. I also think many of you reading this might also be interested. I’m therefore going to give you as honest and impartial a view as possible.

The workflow I have available to review is called “Through the Woods”. It provides “80 presets and 42 brushes for landscape editing” for Lightroom. My intention is to put these to work on two of my images that are difficult to process images, to evaluate their effectiveness.


The workflows came as a single zip file containing all the preset and brush files. Also included were PDF documents providing installation instructions, terms of use and a recipes guide. I read the terms of use first

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