01 Jul SLC-2L-07: Journalist Hope Kahn

Source: Strobist.com

Hope Kahn is a Maryland-based journalist who is doing all of the sorts of things I was doing at her age: honing her writing and reporting skills, putting out a student newspaper, and always scrambling to find a good local story.

Over the last couple of years she’s been punching above her weight class, having been published in national outlets such as Ms. and The New York Times. Suffice to say those are not exactly things I had accomplished before graduating high school.

Her work in the #SinceParkland project is a fantastic example of a product of Generation Lockdown working to effect real change.

Recently we did some head shots that will hopefully allow her to start visually branding herself as the serious, thoughtful journalist she is fast becoming. The setup we used was classic Lighting 101 head-shot-in-a-corner fare, with an L102 and L103 twist. Read more »

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