10 Jan SLC-2L-02: Two-Speedlight Daylight Group Shot

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Using speedlights without softening modifiers greatly expands your outdoor working range. And it does so enough that you can easily light a large group photo with a small, portable gear pack.

Today, we’ll walk through how to do that, along with a few tips to tweak and improve your results.

A Basic Technique, Plus Three Tricks

In our last post we walked in detail through a bare-speedlight approach to outdoor portraiture. So if you have not read that Lighting Cookbook entry, you should go back and read it first.

Our subjects today are members of the Irish Professional Photographer’s Association, along with co-instructor Sara Lando, fourth from right. We did a quick (5-minute) group photo after lunch to demonstrate a warm/cool two-light approach.

With this daylight group shot, we are going to take advantage of our extra working range (from using bare lights) to illuminate a larger area. And again, we are using just two speedlights as key and fill light for 16 people. To illustrate how efficient this is with respect to the amount of photo and lighting gear involved, here is a shot of all of the gear* used to make the shot above:


(Note: the asterisk on the word “gear” is there because the compact, 7.5-foot light stand got a little help. More on that in a minute.)

To that small gear pack and our basic two-light technique, we are going to add three little hacks to better control our lighting.

Tip #1: Exceed the Sync

Of course, our first step when using flash…

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