23 Nov Skylum Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement Examples

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Skylum Software recently released version 4 of their Luminar Software.

AI Sky Replacement

The Headline feature is what Skylum call AI Sky Replacement and in use, it actually works pretty well.

There will be 100’s of images cropping up across the internet with some strangely familiar skies. Skylum includes a set of skies with the software of which there are 7 ‘dramatic sunsets’ which will likely be the most popular options. They also sell additional sunsets on their site, for example, California sunset.

It is easy to stray into the over-processed ‘zone’ with Luminar and also care should be taken when replacing a sky to ensure that it aligns reasonably with the lighting of your original photo. Two suns in an image is a dead give-away for some manipulation.

Custom Sky

I tried my hand at using one of my own images as source material for a sky. I had some recent shots from the beach (ideal as there is usually a clear horizon) taken just before dawn with some pleasant pink clouds. I cut the sky from the scene in Photoshop and brought it in to Luminar 4 as a custom sky image.

Luminar handled my sky pretty well and it worked well with the Cornish scene below. This was taken just before dawn but the sky was dull and flat. It feels a little less of a cheat to use one of my own images for processing.

Skylum Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement Example

Skylum Luminar 4 – Original Image

Blown out Sky


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