30 Sep Sky Replacement Examples

Source: Mostly Photos

Sky Library

Skylum Luminar 4 has featured the ability to quickly replace skies in images for some time and Adobe will soon (hopefully) follow suit with their Sky Replacement functionality (see below)

It is a good idea to start building your own library of skies to use. It’s fine to start with the stock examples that ship with Luminar and Adobe but it is far better to use your own work if possible.

Example Skies

I have shown a selection of sample skies below. I find that it is usually best to avoid including the sun in the shot which helps give a more ambiguous position of the light source. It’s imperative to avoid replacing a sky with clouds lit at an impossible direction compared to the scene.

Pre-Dawn Clouds – Taking a photo before sunrise can help with a generic colourful sky. Most Sky Replacement software will allow you to tweak exposure and colour balance

Dramatic skies can really lift a scene. It is worth experimenting with different options to see what works best

Make sure to capture skies at different times of the day. Fluffy white clouds in a blue sky can make an interesting addition to a scene.

Adobe Sky replacement

Petapixel featured an article showcasing the up-coming Adobe Feature. It is hoped that Adobe will introduce this feature soon – More Information should be revealed in October 2020.

I have both Luminar 4 and Adobe Photoshop and will do a comparison review as soon

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