11 Feb Skateboarding, Photography and Life

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My name is Warwick Cairns. I’m 57 years old and I live in Windsor, in England, with my wife, my two daughters and our two dogs. I work in advertising. I also write books. I’ve had three nonfiction books published in the past few years, and I recently turned my hand to fiction. My first novel, The Master Thief, won the Historical Novel Society’s 2018 New Novel Award.

I’ve had cameras ever since I was a teenager, both film and digital. However, it’s only in the past few years that I’ve become a lot more interested in what makes a good picture.

For the past 45 years, my main hobby and recreation has actually been skateboarding, but as you get older you don’t bounce so easily when you fall. In the past few years a run of injuries has put me out of action several times, with the result that I’ve ended up on crutches for several months at a time….

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