21 Mar Sibling Rivalry XF16mm F2.8 WR vs XF16mm F1.4.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Been thinking of getting the XF16mm F1.4? Now with the new XF16mm F2.8 WR in the market; our life as a photographer gets a little more complicated if you are looking for a 16mm lens in the Fujifilm eco system. Or it’s easier now to make a decision? Speed, Price, Size, AF, WR…… the never ending questions!   Let’s start with XF16mm F1.4. It’s been in the market for couple of years now. It’s in my set-up; and I owned one. I love it as it truly an amazing lens. Some even think it’s Fujifilm best XF lens. To some extend I do agreed.    Price is a huge factor in this shoot out. The price difference is almost double. USD$749 for F1.4 and USD399 for the F2.8 version. Does this mean the F1.4 is twice is good? If only we could do a comparison base on dollar and cents vs quality. Life is such that is a lot more complicate.

What if you already own a XF16-55mm F2.8 lens? Is there a need for another prime 16mm lens? I always name the XF16-55mm F2.8; a prime zoom. The IQ form this lens is nothing short of amazing. In my older blog post I …

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