28 Mar Should X-Pro2 Owners Be Using The Newer NP-W126S Batteries?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

The X-Pro2, and every other Fujifilm X-Series camera up to this point though has used the regular NP-W126. So some may be wondering, is it worth buying NP-W126S batteries for your X-Pro2? Are there any advantages to doing so? The new batteries are not cheap, retailing here in the US for around $70, while the standard NP-W126 batteries come in closer to $60. So saving $10 or more on each extra battery is a pretty good deal, especially if you are buying more than one.

I found myself wondering this very question, and so I purchased the NP-W126S to see how it stacked up to the regular ‘old’ NP-126 when paired with the X-Pro2. As expected, they perform virtually identically, with the only difference being how hot the camera would get when recording video or in heavy photo workloads. The NP-126s did not last longer, nor charge quicker, nor did the X-Pro2 perform better in any way while utilizing it over the original NP-W126 battery. But just for numbers sake, I used the two batteries over the course of several shoots and here is data:

NP-W126: 724 Shots, 505 Shots
NP-W126S: 715 Shots, 503 Shots…

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