24 Oct Shot On X Series: Down by the Bay

Source: Fujifilm North America Youtube

Shot On X Series is a compilation of short films exploring the people, places, and ideas that shape today’s world. The series is shot entirely on FUJIFILM cameras and lenses, showcasing how the X Series system can create stunning video content for both the consumer and professional creative.

Down by the Bay: Inside the Maryland Crab Industry

For years, the Chesapeake Bay’s unique combination of water has created the perfect ecosystem for some of the world’s best tasting crab meat. Seafood restaurants have become a staple of the surrounding area of Baltimore, Maryland and visitors from around the world come to taste the iconic crab cakes. Behind each crab cake is a community of watermen few people are familiar with. Thrust into the mercy of Mother Nature, these brave individuals dedicate their entire lives to the art of catching crab. Explore this industry, captured entirely on the FUJIFILM X-T2, and discover the people behind one of the world’s most popular seafood delicacies. All video was captured with the FUJIFILM X-T2.

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