03 Dec Shot on X: ‘Art on Wheels’

Source: Fuji Addict

Shot On X Series is a compilation of short films exploring the people, places, and ideas that shape today’s world. The series is shot entirely on FUJIFILM cameras and lenses, showcasing how the X Series system can create stunning video content for both the consumer and professional creative.

Popularized in the 1970s, ‘lowriders’ have become as synonymous with Southern California as palm trees, bright lights, and warm weather. On any given day, the quaint Whittier Boulevard can quickly become an eclectic parade of restored vehicles with meticulous attention to detail. Often misconceived as gang affiliated, these cars have had anything but a negative effect on their communities. They have elevated morale, created new opportunities, and brought local art to the American mainstream. Take a peek under the hood and learn more about one of Los Angeles’ most fascinating subcultures.

All video was captured with the FUJIFILM X-T2.
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