11 Oct shootSIN 2017

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

shootSin was first launch in Singapore in 2016. Originally established in 2008  as Shoot NYC, this event has spread internationally. From Shoot London, Shoot 

Amsterdam to Shoot Gothenburg. 

  I am indeed humble and honored to speak at this year shootSin 2017 together  with photography great from Asia and Europe. This year speakers includes  David Sheldrick from England, Peter Marshall from Denmark, Eric Dinardi from  Indonesia, Sails Chong from China, Kevin Then and Ming Thein from Malaysia.    The medium format brands represented; Fujifilm, Phase One and Hasselbald. In  my journey as a photographer I have the privilege of using these this amazing  medium format brands. What I love about shootSin; Its family. All the brands  comes together to share and fan the fire for medium format photography. In  this 2 days event at held at Scape; we have budding photographers, Medium  format users to professional photographers coming together to network, share  photography idea, be inspired and most importantly have fun with so many like  minded people.    Special thanks to Favian Loo Fujifilm Singapore for the support in this event and  also Eujin Goh for relentlessly giving his 101% for making shootSin a success. Here is the video link : } } } } } } https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2aNdVJwQqo

My knees goes weak….

Getting my set-up ready for the workshop.

Selfie moment with fellow photographers, Sails Chong and Kevin Then

Hasselbald, Phase One and Fujifilm. We are friends and fanning the passion for medium format photography.


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