02 Aug Shooting Swimming Gannets Underwater with the Fujifilm X-T1

This morning I finally got to land on Bass Rock after four aborted trips over the past three months due to the weather or the sea state.  

Last month we nearly landed but it was called off due to the choppy condition that made a landing on the island dangerous.  However it did give me a chance to try the Fujifilm X-T1 in the DICAPAC waterproof housing I had bought for the trip.  The images on that trip were OK but it did give me a few ideas for today’s boat trip and I was able to put these into operation on the trip today.

The results this morning were exactly what I was looking for, images of Gannets underwater fishing near the boat.

The X-T1 was fitted with the XF18mm f2 lens and then placed into the waterproof housing.  The ISO dial was set to Auto with a minimum shutter speed of 1/125s.  The aperture was set to f2.8 and the focus level flipped round to manual after setting the lens to infinity as everything after a few feet would be in focus and I didn’t want the AF getting fooled by the water.

The Interval Timer Shooting was selected in the cameras menu and set to one shot every second and the counter set to 999.  I then put the camera on a pole and into the water.  I didn’t use the cameras internal WiFi and remote app because when I tested this, the WiFi was interrupted by the density of…