23 Feb Shooting Panoramas with the GFX 50R

Source: Fuji Love

I have been testing the new Fujifilm GFX 50R on a recent trip into the Highlands of Scotland.  The new Medium Format body is certainly smaller than the GFX 50S I tested two years ago and coupled with superb GF32-64mm f4 zoom it makes for a compelling lightweight medium format landscape photographers outfit.   

It certainly reminded me of my old GA645W medium format camera that had a superb fixed Fujinon 45mm f.5.6 lens.  For the trip into the Highlands I also has the new GF45mm f/2.8 lens for the GFX 50R but favoured the zoom for its flexibility.

Anyway thinking of Fujifilm’s heritage another camera I used to dream about, but I never owned, was the Fujifilm TX2 / Hasselblad XPan2.  The panoramic images these cameras produce on 35mm film are glorious and the camera and lenses have become highly sought after in recent years, with prices that reflect that demand.  


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