20 Aug Shooting Metallica with Fuji Gear

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Earlier this month, I finally made up for a 20-plus-year missed opportunity: Seeing Metallica perform live. Long ago, the group performed in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, but this particular 7th grader was not allowed out that late on a school night. When I caught wind the band would stop by Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, I did two things immediately: 1. Buy tickets and 2. See if I could obtain photo credentials and turn this bit of wish fulfillment into a paying gig. After securing interest from a media outlet in Seattle Refined, I set about planning my gear and realized this would be an excellent test of my current photo arsenal: Fujifilm’s X-T2 and X100F. It was time to find out just how good these very different cameras were.…

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