13 Aug Shooting Local

Source: LightTraveler

Well it’s becoming a thing ! I started shooting local a few weeks back and must say it’s become very interesting.

I decided to start exploring my local area on foot as my previous blog posts have mentioned but instead of going out all day I have started popping out for 30 min or just taking my camera when I pop to the shops or for a coffee.

I am not a Pro so don’t go out looking for those one off crowed pleasing shots, I am just shooting the local streets and including the people out and about on those streets and trying to include some of the streets and vehicles as well.

Gone are the days of amazing light and juxtaposition with high contrast black and white ! Instead I am pleasing myself and grabbing a few shots that I like. As normal if you know me and know my work there is something more to each shot for those that take the time to look or live local !

The really interesting fact is I am getting more shots I like in a 30 min walk than I used to get in an 8 hour

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