23 Feb Shooting Eterna with X-H1

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Eterna is the new film simulation from Fujifilm.
As mention in my previous post; I have never
heard of Eterna film, less using a roll of if it
in the film days.
The characteristic is more muted in the color
profile department. As mention its ideal for world
of videography. So how did it fair in the world of
I have mixed feelings for Eterna. Just like all of us
we have our favorite Fujifilm film simulation.
Pro-Neg Hi and Classic Chrome are my all time
I have been using a pre-production X-H1 for quite
awhile and I must say initially I didn’t like Eterna.
I find it’s a bit flat and the color are not its strongest
feature. There is a slight light blue cast too. I couldn’t
think of what Eterna will work hand in hand with.
My initial though was maybe for architectual
photography. The cool hue may work well in certain
The more I shoot with it, I realize with all things;
it has its weaknesses and strength. A few days ago
I had the morning free and decided to bring the
X-H1 along for a photowalk. Armed with 2 lenses
that I usually don’t used. XF10-24mm and
XF50-140mm plus TC 1.4. I wanted the best of both
world and decided to leave all my primes at home….

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