08 Jul Share Folders of Images between Lightroom and Capture One and Keep Metadata Intact

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

If you are using both Lightroom and Capture One, there may be occasions when you want to try processing your images in both applications. This could be because you are still in the process of transitioning to Capture One, or you may just like using both applications. Whatever the reason, there are ways you can simplify the workflow of working with both applications, and in this post I’ll show you what to do.

Note that this only shares metadata, not edits. There is no real way to import your edits into Capture One and keep them intact, because both applications use different engines that are not directly compatible. Also, in terms of ratings, this will only sync star ratings and colour labels (and keywords etc) – it won’t sync “picks” as Capture One doesn’t have an equivalent.

Step 1: Import into Lightroom first

If you are starting from fresh, and are working off a memory card, then I usually import into Lightroom first – into a folder on my external hard drive, but this could be anywhere. I suggest not using DNG files, as sometimes there can be some compatibility issues with third party software. If you are confident that there wont be any issues with DNG and you really want to, then go ahead, but I prefer not to. I find that starting in Lightroom is easier for the whole process, as it is easier to get Lightroom to sync metadata. 

This also works for existing projects you might have in Lightroom.

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