17 Dec Seventy years of photographic passion

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My name is Eb Just and I live with my wife on a ‘country living’ block North of Auckland, New Zealand. Seven years ago, I sold my Self Care Group business, freeing me to retire and enjoy more of my long-standing photography and travel passions.

Thinking about this article, I recalled pretending to take photos with an old box Brownie as a young boy. But I was 7 years old when I took my first proper photo. It slightly shocked me to realise that this was seventy years ago! The camera, which I still have, was a 1930s CERTIX 120 Folding Camera, with a Schneider Radional 105 mm F4.5-22 lens.

Fuji X100V . f/5.6 . 1/500″ . ISO 320
Autumn Colours – Liquid Amber trees on my home grounds

In 1952 my family (parents and 2 boys) emigrated from Germany to New Zealand. The 8-week journey by train and sea ended at a rail-stop in the middle of farming country on the North Island. We were met by my father’s great-uncle, with a Ford Model-T, and taken to his farm-house. We entered a world of ‘milk and honey’ and an exciting start to a whole new life, never to be regretted!

Jumping forward to the start of my career, I graduated from Teachers College as a primary school teacher (years 1-8). In my first year of teaching, I bought a Kodak Retinette 1B with a Reomar 45mm f2.8 lens and a built-in coupled selenium meter. It gave excellent results.

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