31 Mar Seven Trips Around the Sun

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Picture by Charlene Winfred, captured in Nordjylland, Denmark.


So this is the post where I write about being a nomad for more than 7 years. The thing is, I already wrote about the first 5 years in several posts and I am a really lazy and bad writer on top of it. Just look at the list below, the post for year one is from 2010 and called Part I but a part II has yet to be written – I must have run out of reflections! Talk about leaving your audience hanging in suspense and being an erratic writer. No post for year two exists, og and neither is there one for year six. I will therefore start with what I have, a list of the existing posts about my nomad travel life. Some of the early writing is a bit ehhh wonky and weird to say the least, but here they are. I recommend you read the Five Trips Around the Sun 5 year anniversary post if nothing else.

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