26 Jun Seven Days with the Fuji GFX50S – Left of Center Photography – Cleveland, Ohio

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Right out of the box I was surprised just how big the body was. I shouldn’t have been, right. It’s a medium format digital camera but I’ve got so comfortable with my small, light weight, and nimble X-Pro 2’s and X100F that holding a big Fuji camera just seemed odd. To go along with the body, I also rented the 63mm f/2.8 and 120mm f/4 lens. Still, it wasn’t HUGE. It was the size of a DSLR body. The lenses had more size to them than their DSLR counterparts though. Still, both lenses and the body fit in my ONA Brixton bag with room to spare for an X-Pro2 and a couple of lenses to use as a back-up.

The 120mm lens was a probably a mistake. I didn’t realize it was a macro lens and that alone would have told me that is wasn’t going to servo track well and be really snappy with the focus. AF was a issue at times. I found myself changing the size of the AF focus area to help get it to lock in on things. It tended to hunt a bit. The soon the be released 110mm lens might be a better fit for my style of work. At the end of the day the image quality was great – actually beautiful and I did use the lens for wedding formals, and a couple of portrait sessions.

The 63mm lens was much more responsive and the image quality was also fantastic. The AF servo tracking responded well and the focus was quick and smooth. It didn’t hunt much that I recall. It was a pretty much what I would expect from a lens that just everybody that buys a GFX50S will including in their kit.

As far as holding it to photograph with, I’d say it balances well in the hand. There is a thumb grip on the back that is very convenient and comfortable to use. Both lenses were manageable to hand hold…

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